Choose your water cooler by either of two methods:

Special Offers

Order two water coolers and receive the amazing new Koolbabe tabletop cooler, which uses standard Brita filters.

Acrokool are a long established UK based manufacturer of water coolers - with free standing, wall mounted, and desktop models.

This Technical Excellence has been recognised with the award of several patents and the award of the prestigious Government SMART award for funding technical excellence for unique patentable technology.

We have experience not only in refrigeration and its ......



KIWA Approved

Founded over fifty years ago, Kiwa is an international specialist in certification, research, consultancy and inspection services for water, construction and the natural environment. It has operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden and UK.

imageWater Regulations Approval Scheme ensures products and materials comply with the requirements of the UK Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and Water Byelaws (Scotland) 2000.

The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 are enforced by the water supply companies, and to assist with this enforcement, the Scheme works

-          to promote knowledge of the Regulations
-          promote consistent interpretation of the Regulations
-          coordinate consultation with trade bodies within the Industry
-          and with regard to product approval, to assess the results of the testing of materials and fittings to determine their compliance with the Regulators? Specifications and to publish up-to-date lists of satisfactory materials and fittings in the Scheme?s Water Fittings and Materials Directory.

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