Choose your water cooler by either of two methods:

Special Offers

Order two water coolers and receive the amazing new Koolbabe tabletop cooler, which uses standard Brita filters.

Acrokool are a long established UK based manufacturer of water coolers - with free standing, wall mounted, and desktop models.

This Technical Excellence has been recognised with the award of several patents and the award of the prestigious Government SMART award for funding technical excellence for unique patentable technology.

We have experience not only in refrigeration and its ......


Our drinking water coolers may use a filter, depending on model, and options chosen.


The standard filters are Granular Activated Carbon based, Model number CC010. They remove all off-tastes and odours including chlorine.

They have a flow capacity of 5700 litres per month, and a maximum rate of 1.9 litres per minute.

The maximum pressure is 6 Bar (125 psi).

Amibent temperature range 2-38ºCelsius.

NB: For use in cold water applications only. Do not use if water is of unknown quality or micro-biologically unsafe.


We also supply 4H and 4C filters, designed for use with both hot and cold drink dispensers, post-mix dispensers, and also small drinking water fountains.

These filters use Powdered Activated Carbvon, remove all impurities as small as 0.5 micron, and also supplied with the 4H is lime scale inhibitor.

The complete filter consist of:

1. A permanently installed head

The head comes with available with a wall mounting bracket and a 3'8" NPT (National Pipe Thread) in and out ports. It also has an integral shut-off valve.

2. A quick change filter cartridge

Each cartridge is interchangeable depending on the required capacity and duty..

They can be exchanged in a matter of seconds, without any tools.


Flow capacity: 11300 litres

Average Flow rate: 1.9 litres per minute

Maximimum ambient temperature: 36C

Maximum pressure: 10 Bar

Overall height: 480mm


Pictures of the filter types:



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