Mains water and electricity are needed. The ideal is to have these services within 1 - 3 m of the desired position of the water cooler; so that water can be connected via our quick fit piercing valve or via a plumbed in connection; electricity should be via a fused spur ideally with or without a socket depending what unit is chosen.

If water is not available within this distance then it can be piped up to about 20 metres at installation.

We recommend that if the services are not immediately available you have a site survey to ascertain where the services are and the best position for the water cooler.
Drainage is only required for fountain type units or POU machines with gravity and pumped waste systems.
We have a network of contractors that cover the UK, that cover both plumbing and electrical aspects and who are fully versant with our products.

Wecan also arrange for a site survey should one be required; this would be charged for but the cost of this would be reimbursed should you decide to purchase our water coolers.
You do not need a service contract; our coolers have been designed to be  very simple to maintain but we would expect them to be maintained as per our recommendations in order to protect the warranty.
We do indeed offer a simple service contract that can be rolled into the cost of the unit or paid for separately. Our extensive network of contractors carry out servicing to our standards and procedures thereby maintaining the warranty and extending the life of your product.
We have been designing and manufacturing water coolers of the highest quality for over 45 years (being the first in the UK) and we only use WRAS and water authority approved components
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